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Financial Pearls of Wisdom for the now and later with Finance –guruette Ajshay James
Beyond net worth, asset and debt levels change our perceptions
A look back at how the Congress' predecessors strenghtened 'Main Street'
How far are we from making Dr. King’s dream a reality?
Soul Life
A mother discovers her true calling by accepting her 4-year-old son’s individualism
One man’s quest to end Black History Month becomes a humorous and provocative look at race in “post-racial” America
The inspiring true story of a group of young men whose lives were changed by a visionary mentor
Film follows several Detroit residents as they to make sense of the city’s current reality
At 25, Davis became the first black person to win an individual Winter Olympic gold medal
The first black and youngest pilot to fly solo around the world
Her new book chronicles her year of ‘buying black’ while offering ways the black community can reverse the economic gap
Star Power
R&B artist is a breast cancer ambassador
Neo-soul singer lives ‘fearless’ life despite diabetes
emPower Magazine Presents...

Living Positive

 HIV Positive in the Pulpit

Rev. Rahab from Kenya reflects on her own experiences of being HIV-positive in the Church. Sge was shocked to discover that she was HIV-positive 14 years ago. When the Church found out, she says they convinced her fiancé not to marry her. Soon after, she was relocated from a successful urban Parish to a failing drought-stricken area in the countryside. She is also part of Christian Aid partner KENERELA - a network of faith leaders living with and affected by HIV, working to fight HIV-related stigma within the churches. (Christian Aid)


ORIGINAL WEB SERIES! The Social Activist   In this inaugural episode of the Social Activist, emPower magazine Publisher and the show's host, DeShuna Spencer, volunteers with the Greater Washington Urban League during its MLK Day Service Project sorting and distributing toiletries and blankets to DC's homeless population. Each month Spencer will volunteer at a different DC area non-profit organization that focus on the same issues discussed in emPower magazine. During each episode, viewers will discover various organizations and individuals impacting lives everyday. Not only is volunteering rewarding, but it's fun! Check back the 4th Wednesday of every month for a new episode. If you want your non-profit organization featured in an upcoming episode of The Social Activist, email [email protected]

A Tale of Two Missions   A film by Journalist Juan Williams and Kyle Olson, the documentary tells the story of competing cultures in American education through examples from Chicago. Released during National School Choice Week, the film takes a look at education reform and the school choice debate. 

Soul Food Junkie   Filmmaker Byron Hurt explores the health advantages and disadvantages of soul food. Learn more about the film by visiting: www.bhurt.com.

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Grassroots Giver

Men Can Stop Rape

For the past 15 years, the non-profit Men Can Stop Rape has been mobilizing men to use their strength to create a culture free of violence, especially men’s violence against women. According to the National Center for Victims of Crime, in 2010 an estimated 92 percent of rape or sexual assault victims were females. That’s why Men Can Stop Race centers its attention on the males who could potentially commit the act. Read more.

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