In Spirit: Three Reasons to Let Go Of Your Past

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By Kimmi Black

We all have a past. Although no two people are alike, we all have experienced hurt, failure, and disappointment. The following are the top three reasons why you must let go of baggage from your past.

  1. Peace of Mind. When you are not at peace mentally, nothing in your life will be in order. A peaceful mind allows you to have clarity and balance. Your decision improves and opportunities present themselves. When your mind is troubled, it’s like swimming with a 100-pound weight attached to your legs and wondering why you can’t make it to the finish line. Free yourself so you can make it to your destination.
  2. Empowerment. There is power in the lessons from your past. Embrace them! Learning from the valuable life obstacles. They will empower you! Your strength and perseverance needs to be celebrated each and every day.
  3. Ability to Receive. It is necessary to let go of your past in order to prepare to receive God’s Gift. The funny thing about God is He will not bless you with your abundance until your mind, body, and spirit are in order. God does not give you pieces of Him so don’t short change Him!

Are you prepared to let go?

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