Film explores how a family deals with race, class, disability and art

Film follows young people as they exit the foster care program

Film follows former Liberia warlord, turned Christian evangelist, as he seeks out victims for forgiveness

Documentary explores Chicago’s violence and its efforts to combat the epidemic with its ceasefire program

Film tells the story of James Armstrong, a WWII veteran and original flag bearer for the 1965 “Bloody Sunday

Filmmaker Regi Allen chronicles his travels while connecting with his heritage

Film on slavery spurs racial healing

Award-winning film follows survivors of four different mass atrocity crimes - Darfur, Rwanda, Congo and the Holocaust

Cameroonian filmmaker reveals banana inequalities in his country

Film follows a young Memphis entrepreneur from the inner city determined to follow his dreams

Tanzanian sociologist Mama Lyimo’s incredible journey to uncover why HIV/AIDS continues to spread in her country

Film explores the life of a teenage African American girl struggling with her sexuality

Film follows a Rwandan anti-genocide activist and a Holocaust historian as they uncover the stories of diplomats who saved Jews during World War II

Film follows Bill Jones has he produces a dance piece to honor the Lincoln Bicentennial

Three teens from the Bronx tell their stories of friendship, love and struggle, and show how a radical poetry class can ignite change

Film follows two poor, black Brazilian teenagers as they embark on their dreams of being professional ballet dancers in the U.S.

Film follows two women seeking justice for abuse cases in their village

Film explores what it means to be black and middle class in South Africa

Film follows a teenage prostitute who is convicted of murdering her john

Film goes behind the scenes of one of the most influential, socially conscious rap groups

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