Grassroots Giver
Organization assists rural African women start businesses

Organization brings awareness to domestic violence

Doctor’s non-profit fights cancer in developing countries with HPV screenings

Science blogger targets inner city youth

Savvy designer builds and advocates for eco-friendly, healthy homes

Organization helps supply safe, long-lasting drinking water to developing countries

U.S. students spread musical message in Kenya

Dallas all-boys school lets young men shine

Organization defends immigrant women against gender-based violence

Organization educates youth on financial literacy, etiquette and self-esteem

Prison grooms inmates to become future entrepreneurs once they are released

Running group helps homeless get back on their feet

Organization reaches youth through hip hop and poetry

Quincy Lucas turns a personal tragedy into victory by launching an organization for domestic violence victims

DC-based organization improves the quality of life for young people infected with, or affected by, HIV/AIDS

Organization aims to increase global awareness of genocide still existing in parts of Africa

Organization connects everyday citizens to at-risk communities across the globe

Organization works to create green jobs and fights against environmental related diseases

KIPP prepares low-income students for college and academic success

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