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Who We Are
emPower (knowledge. vision. power.) is an online magazine that offers commentary and articles on social, economical, health, political, educational and environmental issues facing people of African descent. emPower magazine is updated every Wednesday.

Why We Write
emPower's mission is to not only deliver timely and thought-provoking articles and advice, but to also seek solutions to issues plaguing the African-American community, and stimulate civic activism, volunteerism and cohesiveness. Features take an in-depth look at current issues. A "What YOU Can Do About It" sidebar, which lists organizations/groups that assist in the topic discussed, as well as ideas on how to make a difference on your own, will accompany each feature article.

Our Mission
Each year, the magazine focuses on one issue or cause. In 2009, emPower focused on HIV/AIDS in the African American community and in Africa. In 2010, emPower will focus on black on black crime among youth. emPower is looking to collaborate with non profit organizations so emPower readers can become active participants in their communities by donating their time, talents or money. If you are an organization that would like to become an emPower Partner, email [email protected] and put "emPower partner" in the subject line.

Our Mottos
Knowledge + Vision = Power.
Writers changing the world.

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Story Ideas
We want to hear from you. Is there a particular social issue you would like emPower to cover. Do you know a Grassroots Giver who has given back to their community? If so, tell us about it.

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